Itinerary (2 Days/ 1 Night camping 

Day - 1 :

Arrival at camp - Welcome Drink - Breakfast - Rafting run | Cliff Jump | Body Surfing - Lunch - Angling / Relax at the Camp - Bonfire | Evening Snacks- Night Trekking - Dinner as per Flexibility.

Day - 2 :

Depart for Delhi after Breakfast.

cost Rs.2549/- per pax


Itinerary (3 Days/ 2 Nights camping

Day -1 :

Arrival at camp - Welcome Drink - Breakfast - Rafting run | Cliff Jump | Body Surfing - Lunch - Angling / Relax at the Camp - Bonfire | Evening Snacks - Dinner as per Flexibility.

Day - 2 :

Breakfast - Raftting Run | Body Surfing | Cliff Jumping - Lunch - Rock Climbing | Rappelling - Evening Snacks - Bonfire - Night Trekking - Followed by Dinner.

Day - 3 :

Depart for Delhi after Breakfast

cost Rs.3549/- per pax



Beside rafting one could kayak on a placid stretch near the camp or opt for hike to a beautiful water fall for one hours. Or even go for longer hikes (5-6hrs) in the surrounding hills to view the snow coverd Greater Himalayan Range. Facilities are available for Beach games like volley/ Basket ball, Frisbee. A day in camp is rounded off with a campfire and a leisurely evening with fellow rafters.


1. T-SHIRTS – FOR RAFT & CAMP                                           2. SHORTS (QUICK DRYING FOR RAFT)

3. WINDPROOF JACKET/PARKA (THIN)                                4. CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR CAMP



9. FLASHLIGHT – VERY IMPORTANT                                    10. SUNSHADE/CAP

11. SUNSCREEN LOTION                                                         12.  SUNGLASSES


15. SWIMSUITS/TRUNKS                                                         16. PERSONAL MEDICATION (IF ANY)

17.Liquor & Cigarettes ( We do not serve any).

What is white water river rafting ?

River Rafting is journeying on the torrential river on an inflatable rubber boat. A river trip is often an adventure but not always. An amateur with a little sense of adventure can equally enjoy it. You are provided with a life-jacket to put on all the time while on the river. You are also provided with a crash helmet. A trained professional river guide heads the rafting team. All camping equipment and meals are provide by the outfitter.

Where and when can rafting be done ?

Rivers where rafting is possible in India:

Ganges (Rishikesh), Indus (Leh), Teesta (Sikkim), Beas (Kullu), Brahamputra (Assam).

The early stages of the Ganga offer the exhilarating Alakananda and the Bhagirathi rivers. While the Indus snaking through Ladakh and the Zanskar and Chenab in Kashmir are very different river running experiences, other rivers like the Sutlej, Beas and Yamuna are also a sporting challenge.

The best and most popular river is the Ganges - particularly the stretch between Kaudiyala and Rishikesh. Rafting can be done here from Mid September upto Mid May.

Who provides the equipments and guide ?

High quality rafts, safety equipment (life jackets, helmets etc) and internationally trained guides are provided by the Company organising the river rafting trips and running the camps.

I have never done rafting before !

The Ganges at Shivpuri (all the year round except the monsoons) and the Beas at Kullu (in the summers) is the best place for first timers. From the novice to the most intrepid of adventurers, there is most certainly a package suited for each experience level even for beginners, amateurs, novices and first timers. You can choose from the  more technical river sections of class IVs for a true adrenaline rush, or simply opt for less strenuous, and milder trips that are perfect for beginners and families.

I do not know swimming !

River rafting on Grade 2 and 3 rapids does not require swimming ability. A personal flotation device which is provided will keep you buoyant if you happen to swim from the raft. There are plenty of calm "recovery pools" to keep you from floating down river. Each raft has a trained river runner and guide alongwith. Class 4 requires good swimming ability since participants must be able to swim back to the raft or shore before the next rapid.

What do I need to carry for a rafting trip ?

You need to bring shorts, swim suit, cap, t-shirt, keds, sneakers, beach sandals, windcheater, sun block, sun shades, flashlight,  and a dry set of clothes for your ride home. Prepare to have everything that you wear to get wet. Also please do not bring valuable items (i.e. expensive clothes or shoes, jewelry, non-waterproof cameras or other items) on the raft.

Do I need to be in a group ?

It is always more fun if you have your own group of at least four people. Otherwise you can always come alone or as a couple and you will get to join a group at the Camp.

What are the safety standards ?

White water rafting expeditions in India are organized and managed by professional Indian teams who have trained abroad in some of the most difficult water stretches of the world. The helmsman on board is familiar with the topography of the river and its obstacles. Life jackets and crash helmets are  worn by all with back up arrangements for rescue, evacuation and medical attention on the river bank. Most important of all, the guide is suitably qualified so that panic is avoided if there is a mishap. The rafts are imported and have inflatable compartments with vulcanized rubber bodies reinforced by nylon fabric beneath an exterior of neoprene. This degree of strength for the raft makes it tolerable to battering by waves and rocks.